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Luck of the Draw

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I had some luck in the tag draw this year and will be hunting deer in my favorite area, and antelope in an area where I used to guide...

All big game is on a draw now in Nevada. Has your State tightened up any of its regulations?
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Oregon changed a few yars back for big game. Everything in Eastern Oregon, mule deer, elk, antelope etc have to be drawn. On the west side there is no draw, just go buy what you want unless its blackpowder or a doe tag.
Minnesota is still fairly liberal with big game tags. Deer are over the counter with many areas being either/or and often multiple antlerless tags (up to 5) in some areas. Black bear is still by draw in the northern part but there is a large region where unlimited over the counter tags are available, just one per hunter though. Moose are by draw, resident only and once in a lifetime. The numbers dropped a decade or so ago which caused a large decrease in open areas and tag numbers. Elk are open for the first time in several years, only 5 tags available, one bull, 4 antlerless and also once in a lifetime. I haven't paid much attention to Wisconsin and Montana yet, last year in Wisconsin we could take up to 5 deer in our area if I remember correctly. One antlered, the others antlerless. I don't hunt bears there so I have no idea how that works. They are allowed to run them with dogs and someday I'll have to take up an acquaintance's offer to do so. Montana has been one deer and one antelope for us for a while.
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hey uglydog,where in Montana do you hunt?Drop-Shot
I generally hunt the Glendive area with a couple of buddies. They do all the work getting the licenses, I just show up and hunt. They have been hunting there nearly a decade before I joined them so they had the routine already worked out. There has been talk of limiting the permit availability but so far it has not happened or we have just lucked out in the draw. It was somewhat of a surprise when I found out the ranch we hunt on is a distant relative of mine, my grandma grew up in that area. uglydog
ugulydog congrats and I know about glendive area.I'll tell you a secreate if you promish not to tell,The elk are where you arn't.Don't let that secrete out.When I get back to montana I hope Im in better shape but only time will tell.Drop-Shot
Washington is still cool. over the counter for every thing no antelope. the special draws my son and I drew for our antlerless Elk for the west side.
this hunt will be in Jan 2005 looking forward to it. His first time Hunting so I am hoping to get him on his first deer, and his first elk. Good luck to you all and have a safe and happy hunt. Aix
I do a good job scouting so I am where the elk are, they are just sneaky and are always behind me!! Have a great year!!
Hey ugulydog,I've never eaten bear,is it as good as deer?Or mabe antelope?I've heard it's good but not every one likes it,how do you rate bear on the eating list?Drop-Shot
In my opinion bear is about as nasty as it gets. Gross! Elk is my favorite followed by deer then antelope.
Bear is very good eating if it hasn't been hitting the dumps for food. Meat care and preparation is extremely important, you don't have the leeway you do with deer and the like. The hide of a bear is a great insulator and if not removed soon, the fat will begin to sour and taint the meat. Removal or the fat is also very important; first after skinning, then while butchering, and finally when preparing for the table. The fat has a terrible taste when left on the meat but when rendered into lard is the absolute, hands down, very best substance to ever use for making pie crusts, deep frying donuts, or any other pastry use in place of shortening. Thinking of this makes me almost want to hunt them again!!
Thanks guys.Drop-Shot
On one of our trips to colorado we buy grocerys and drive for 3hours and reach a platau and that is where we camped in the moterhome.There would be a line of camps for at least 11/2 miles on one side and about 3/4 mile on the other side.Loge poles are placed before season opens,so you have to fill it,to keep a good name.Every boby helped in finding wounded animals and helpskin them and visit.One year a camp along ways (thankful)from ours and 2 bears was hung and I swear it looked like they lynched a couple of guys.And stink,I wanted to know how they taste so I can donate the meat and keep the hide.I smelled a couple bear stakes that was rank,they stunk,I don't know why but I'll take your word and thats thats!I want 1 bear hide and thats it ,I'll donate the meat.ThanksDrop-Shot
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