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    Well....I hope this worked....This is a Double Rifle I had restored. It's and English made gun in 450/400. It was built between 1910 and 1930 and was sold by the outfitter Lawn and Alder. Current research doesn't really confirm the maker's name but it leans a bit more towards London as opposed to Birmingham makers. I believe it was sold as a high grade hunter. It was fully engraved and the "teardrops" are very uncommon on Boxlocks and they are original. I can see the difference in the barrels, the right barrel being fired more so I know it was hunted. It will still wobble 2 rights and 2 lefts into 2-1/2 inches at 100 yds. Very accurate by Double Gun standards. It was completely disassembled, the interior was still...after all these years...polished like a mirror and engine turned. I used a decent piece of English walnut fot the stock, chechered with the original pattern. It was re-colorcased with the bottom plate Charcoal blued, the rest and the Barrels Rust blued. It will be back in the Bushveld chasing Buffalos in the Summer of 2006. The young man who did this work for me is the local Gunsmith. As you can see he has exceptional talent for a Gunsmith of any age let alone one who is in his mid-thirties. He is going to be a nationally known Smith in his day. He has built a number of rifles for me and done a lot of pistol work for me too. If you people want I could post pics of the other rifles too. I hope the pics came out and I'm not sure if they are real sharp. I'm a bit of a novice at Digital cameras, I generally use my 35mm for pics used in any articles I have published. Hope you enjoy thm, if they didn't come out ..let me know and send[​IMG]
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