Major accuracy issues, HELP

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by fasterthanbrian, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. fasterthanbrian

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    Hi Fellas,

    I purchased a model 70 a few weeks ago. I took it out last weekend and seem to be having big problems. set it up at 100 yds and coulnt hit the paper. moved to 25yds and still had issues. if i got one to hit near to where i was aiming the next may not even hit the paper.(dont think it was a barrel heat issue)

    Can you give me suggestions as to what may be going on here? I am relatively inexperienced so im not sure if i am doing something wrong or there is something drasticaly wrong with the equipment.

    Here are the factors...

    -Winchester Model 70 - Coyote, stainess barrel, laminate wood stock
    -Chambered in .223 WSSM (yes the short fat ugly one, the rosie odonell of rifle cartriges)
    -Leupold rifleman 4-12x40
    -Can't remember what bases but they are not leupold
    -Super X, 64gr Power Point
    -Its brand new
    -I put only 30 rounds through it that day so diddnt experiment too much
    -My lack of experience

  2. mike .308

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    Maybe your scopes off.

  3. Merton Leeper

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    You first need to eliminate all potential problems starting with:
    1. Did someone boresight your rifle. This needs to be done by a gunsmith.
    2. Make sure your gunsmith has tightened all scope rings, etc. using lock tight or a similar product.
    3. When sighting in us a rest such as: Shooters Ridge Deluxe Rifle Rest from Cabela's at $89.99. You will use it all of your life on all types of bores and is needed to assure your rifle sits on the rest exactly the same each shot.
    4. Zero your rifle in using the direction on your windage and elevation of your scope.

    I recently purchased a Weatherby Vanguard in 7mm Mag. Had a Burris Fullfield worked over by the factory and they put in a Ballistic Plex. Out of the box it shot three shots at 100 yards which were about a half inch apart. Put it on the rest, made sure it was exactly the same each time and within 12 shots had it on the bull with three shots that were within one fourth inch of each other.

    If all fails, then I would talk to the manufacturer and make sure the rifle is properly bedded and the barrel is good. Good Luck to you. Semper Fi
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    Some scopes require quite a bit of turning before your shots will be different, contact a gun store and see if they can bore-sight your rifle. What this does, get your scope sighted for on target(usually) then take another shot at it good luck and let me know
  5. Maser

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    wow u couldnt hit the target at 25 yards with a rifle? i say 1st off take that scope off and then bore sight it at 100 yards and then put the scope back on and then fine tune it
  6. huntswithdogs

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    Maser, You have to leave the scope on to bore site it.

    I see this was from Sept,so I hope that you got this fixed. For those who don't have access to a bore sighter:
    Get the rifle in a solid rest,with the bolt out of it.
    At 25yds hang a target with a bright center. Adjust your rifle until the target is centered in the bore of your rifle,while looking thru the bore.
    Raise your head and look thru the scope,without touching the rifle.Where are the crosshairs in relation to the bore? Adjust accordingly.

    This will get you on the paper at 25 yds.

  7. Maser

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    Re: re: Major accuracy issues, HELP

    well when i help sight in friends rifle i take the scope off 1st and line up the bore with the target and then put the scope back on n adjust the crosshairs :roll: o well we all are different i guess