Maneater in India

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    Luv2 I am on medication and can't focus on much reading,my mind just goes blank,but when I started reading that man eater story I could not stop,I had to read the whole thing and I'm not afraid to say it gave me chills.The writer knew his trade and kept my attention and I was thrilled to read every word.Thanks for the story and you too may get the oppertunity one day save lives by taking one,great story.Drop-Shot

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    Man that was awsome...It was like one of those old movies from the fifties..
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    I noticed the hunter was shooting a 375 H&H. This would seem to me to be about the minimum caliber for tiger. They are a tough and BIG cat. The famous tiger hunter of the 30s in India, Jim Corbet, used a double rifle in 450/400 as his primary weapon. A fast handling rifle with a quick second shot was the best combination for these awsome cats.

    "I have made it a hard and fast rule to go alone when hunting man-eaters, for if one's companion is unarmed it is difficult to protect him, and if he is armed, it is even more difficult to protect oneself."

    Jim Corbet
    Man-Eaters of Kumaon...The Champawat Man-Eater...