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Marlin .22 semi-auto

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Hey, folks, I got a cheap Marlin .22 semi-auto rifle that my dad bought for a few bucks about 20 years ago. I grew up shooting this gun and put many thousands of rounds through it. However, it has developed a problem that I don't know how to fix. It hangs up about every third or fourth shot. It doesn't completely eject the spent shell and the bolt closes on it, jamming up the whole works. Usually, the jammed shell is about halfway out and pinched up in the action when this occurs. My dad and I have both given it a thorough cleaning (even to the point of removing the bolt) and it seemed to help somewhat, but very little. Any ideas?
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20 yrs is a long time. Get a new rifle. .22's aren't that expensive.
That is probably what I end up doing, Mike. I was still hoping to get it fixed simply b/c it was my first one.
Well then see if you can get a new bolt. All you have to do is take it to a gunsmith and he'll order the parts for youbut if you already did just try to salvage it the best you can and if that doesn't work just use it as an antique I guess.
This may be a recoil spring problem- if a person encountered this problem they could try stretching or buying new operating springs.
Don't just toss a rifle because it's 20 years old. That's nothing! There are plenty of rifles of all kind, including semi-autos that are working great after 50 years! Bolt and lever guns are around today that have been shooting fine for over a hundred years.
What a shame that a person would even suggest just scrapping a gun- even a cheaper one- instead of fixing it.... :cry:
The extractor may be weak from use and sometimes a residue builds up around the extractor,and not allowing the full movement or mabe a broken end that catches the rim.Most likely not a real expensive problem to fix.Drop-Shot
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