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Marlin 882SS (.22wmr)Report

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Hi, here's my report for the "database" :eek:

Gun 882SS .22Magnum
new gun, first day at range.
stock trigger.
backed off the forend takedown screw.
Scope: 4.5-14 Simmons ATV
Sand Bags front and rear.

No actual group measurments, had only 1 hour till range closed.
gun came right out of the box, had only bought it 10 minutes earlier.


PMC Predator HP. (6.50 a box) after a few dozen rounds, groups tightened up. could put a few touching at 100 yards.
looks very good for target and hunting use.

Remington green tips ($12 a box) (ouch)
Good. very good. better be too, for the price.

between the two above, the predator would shoot to the right, with POA for Remington.

Also tried Federal big-hole hollow points..... I'll pass on these.

CCI V+.........ok, but not that accurate overall.

thats all I had time for....

I have now put in a lighter trigger spring. Have dremel sanded the synthetic was touching the barrel in 2 spots.
ground just a little bit off the rear takedown screw, and can tighten it real tight without the screw protruding into the action. honed the sear with two grades of whetstones.

cleaned her up real good, and will post new results soon.

So far I am pleased, esp since .22mag ammo is not match grade, generally speaking.
As much as I would have liked a CZ 452 over any other brand, I am not convinced the ammo quality can justify the CZ price. perhaps the Remington ammo can, but it is 10-12 dollars afterall.

Once you get your Stainless and Black stocked gun home, it looks pretty good. my first "stainless". But Marlin sure needs to invest in some metal polishing tools for the action.
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I have the 883ss, laminated stock, stainless, tube fed. I really am impressed with mine. One thing I noticed, after cleaning the barrel my groups opened up. After about 10 or so shots though they tightened back up. I didn't learn from this so I got home and cleaned it thoroughly and next trip out open groups again. I have not cleaned the barrel since...I hope this is not bad. I believe in cleaning everything but this gun shoots better dirty. I do not like the CCI +V's they shoot about a 5 inch group at 50 in mine. THe federals shoot great as do the Wins but I stuck with the CCI Maxi-mag and they touch at 100.
I really have gotten a whole new respect for Marlin, all the guns from them that I have and have seen seem to be great shooters. I have not had any problems with mine at all either.

Let me know if you see the same thing with the groups after cleaning your barrel. Like I said I have not cleaned mine since and I have been whacking yotes with it pretty regularly. I have also been able to stretch the shots out to nearly 130 and get a good kill. I know some will take exception to this. I am over run with them and they seem to multiply steadily. All of my neighbors are shooting them on site. I have horses but some of the neighbors have goats and sheep and they lose some now and then. I personally think dogs are responsible for some of the kills but I have seen yotes chasing the goats on several occasions.

Good luck with your 22mag, hope you enjoy it as much as I have mine.
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