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Marlin or Winchester

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I want to buy one of these in the near future. A gunsmith I spoke with said the Marlin is more heavy duty and better built. any opinions before I purchase? Marlin336, or Winch 94
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yes in my opinion the marlin is better built, and i dont like how the winchester throws the shells on my head :x
If you intend to put a scope on it, it's a no-brainer.... get the Marlin.

If you're going to use open sights, get a pre-'64 Winchester; as long as you take care of it, the value will go up. The newer (after 1964) Winchesters will go down in value as time passes.
Marlin it is then!! thanks
id go w/ winchester i dont like marlins i do have limited experience w/ them as the few i have had i swore would be my last my experience was w/ bolt actions but they seemed to be very very inaccurate to mei like winchester lever actions i would def go w/ one over the marlin although i am biased


BTW what caliber are the guns u r looking at?
The only Lever Actions I have any experience with are Winchester but as for the better gunmaker I think they are about the same, I like them both :) .
Go with the Marlin. They are easier to mantain and you can actually remove that bolt :D I have a 336W and it shoots great. Really well balanced rifle and the wood is decent for a Wal-Mart special. $270 new w/ a sling. I haven't really put a whole lot of rounds through mine, but from what I've shot, it does well with 150 gr. Remingtons. I heard that the Marlins have a tedency to throw shots, when shot off a rest. I have done this and have yet to see this with mine. I was thinking of putting some synthetic stocks on mine as I'm partial to black synthetic. Has anyone used these before?
Marlin is sounding better & better.
Marlin would be my choice. I always thought that they were a lesser quality rifle, but I was dead wrong. I've got a 336 with a 3-9x40 scope and its right on every time. Be cautious if you decide to opt for the synthetic stock though. When my wood showed up a crack, I changed it out for a black Ramline set. Looked great, but turned the recoil from a small burro to a full sized donkey. Even with an add-on pad, 30-40 rounds at the bench was max. Weight does have its advantages. But 3 bucks worth of pennies and some hi-temp wax fixed it right up. Opened up the stock, poured in the change and solidified it with the wax. Now its a smaller burro than before.
I think if I had a choice between a Marlin and a Winchester, I'd go with a Savage Mdl 99... :shock: :wink:
I have 2 Wins and 1 Marlin in 30-30. I personally prefer the Marlin, but don't know why and can't tell you why. The WIn ejects out the top and that makes a scope a difficult deal. I have had a scope on my marlin and it worked great. I don't shoot any of them very much and both are accurate enough for deer in the ranges they are intended for.

I am getting to where I have a pretty high opinion of Marlin. I have a couple of Marlins in 22mag and they are definitely great shooters.
I prefer to carry the 94, but shoot the Marlin. Makes sense to me that I NEED both... :shock: :shock: :D
Hi guys,I just brought home my marlin 1895 cowboy action,45/70 with 26 inch octagon barrel.I fell in love with it and had to have it.I have not shot it yet but plan to soon.I like winchester also,they are making one in 480 rugerand I want one but I have surpassed my gun buying for now.Drop-Shot
Have you guys looked at garrett cartridges inc?Randy Garrett has a web site thats impressive about the 45/70 ammo.He also loads the 44 mag.They are spendy but the 540 gr has taken all dangerous game in Africa,most have gone through both shoulders and broken every thing in between.One big hog was shot between the eyes and exited the back side.I have a whole new respect for the 45/70.His results with the 44 mag are similar,one guy shot a big elk and went through both sides and exited.All he loads is 45/70 and 44 mag,check them out.Drop-Shot
Hey guys my brother-in-law ows and might sell a great looking winchester,I think an 1886 centenial in 38/55.The reciever is all engraved and it's never been shot.Any body knows what that is worth?My brother-in-law is slick and never loses on a gun so I want some advice before I say yes.He wants 550.00
They are both good guns.Try to handle both first and see which one feels right.There is a noticable difference between the two.
I'd go with the winchester because it has a traditional look.
Go to a gun store that carries both brands.Look them over for yourself and decide.I think what we are saying about the Marlin's being a better gun will become evident when you compare the workmanship for one.
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