MERCURY levels in ducks

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by The_Cook, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Apparently sometime this week I think it is the state of WYOMING has put out an alert that mercury levels in certain of thier ducks has reached an unsafe level. For those hunting republicans out there please think hard about how important it is to continue to fund and research sound, stable, and cutting edge enviromental policies and technology.

    MERCURY POISONING BLOWS! It effects our little swimmers and produces flipper babies.
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    Cook in the mid 80's I went to fish a tournement in lake Toho in Florida,we were warned back then not to eat too many big fish in that area due to high levels of mercury and pcb's,its been a problem for some time now, but was better the 80's and even better now,I have a good friend in Naples and I go back to visit and fish,we don't worry about the levels now as much as the 70's and 80's.Drop-Shot