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I've got this Marlin M99 .22 that says its mircro-grooved and someone had told me that its not good to use a brass brush when cleaning the barrel. I don't believe it but just in case I thought I'd double check and ask here at shootingworld. So is it OK to use a brass brush when cleaning micro-grooved barrels? Thanks! :D
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Yes its fine. You should really check out the Patch worm product though. It is safe for all barrels.

Do you still have the owners manual for your rifle? I owned one a number of years ago and the manual stated NOT to clean out the barrel ! At that time most 22 had the lubaloy coating and this may have been the reason for it. I rarely clean the barrel on my 22 mag and accuracy stays the same.If I do "clean it",I only run a dry patch thru it.

No unfortunately I don't have the owners manual. I inherited this .22 and couldn't find any manual for it. Maybe I'll take it by a gunsmith and ask. Thanks for the help.
KaBar, Hi - I have a M39 with a miro-groove barrel that I bought in 1979. The owners manual I have recommended to not clean it. I still break it down once in a while and run a few patches through it but nothing seems to really affect the accuracy.

Have you tried to get the manual off the Marlin web site?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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