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Model 100

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I have 2 100's and like them very much. Haven't had the so called problems with them that others have had. Anyone else have one, if so how do you like yours?
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I've got an 88, chambered in .308 Winchester. It's a pre-64 model, made at the LATEST in 1959. It's a little worn, a little scratched, and a little modified. We put swivels and a sling, as well as a recoil pad, and topped it all with a scope. It's not very accurate, but it's accurate enough for governemt work! :lol: With Remington, Federal, Winchester, and any other factory load, even "Match" ammo, it will shoot about 2 MOA, and with handloads it will shoot about 1.75 MOA. It seems to be a rifle that can't be improved on, damned by it's own harmonic vibrations :wink:

Many years back, there was a recall on the M100 rifles. I don't recall the particulars, but I'm pretty certain that Winchester, or what's left of it, isn't doing the rework any more.

Anybody remember what it was about?
I owned a pre-64 in 308 for a short time in the late '70s. It was an innacurate single shot, I'm sorry to say. It never cycled properly, clean or dirty, and a 4" group was the best I could get it to shoot. The machining and stock work were superior, but it wouldn't function properly.
Maybe you ought to sell me that 100 before you have any problems!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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