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Mosin-Nagant M-44

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Anyone out there have one of these ? I picked up one at a local store a few months back...haven't got around to shooting it yet. Need to get me a box of 7.62x54 and blast away...but everytime I take a look at the butt of that rifle I envision the pain of shooting it. Call me a wuss but I think I need to get me a shoulder pad first.
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its not that bad. the wolf ammo doesnt have too much of a kick. some of the cheap surplus i get at the gun show kicks pretty hard though. you're gunna have a lot of fun shooting that rifle :D
10-4 on the shoulder pad. I use an Uncle Mikes slip-on shotgun pad on mine. The small size one fits quite nice. Don't be disapointed if at first the groups are a bit wide. The M44 can be that way if you leave the bayonet folded. Tends to pull on the barrel. If your not worried about the historical side, I'd pull the bayo. I've got a M38 ( a pre 44, before the bayo ) and it holds 2" groups at 50yd. Kicks like a mule, but a blast to shoot. My M44 shoots fine with the bayo extended, and my M91/30 shoots well also.

If your going to buy more Nagants, you might want to get a C&R 03 license. Then you can get them shipped direct and bypass all the xfer fees. Its $30 for 3 years and I saved more than that on my first 2 purchases. Take a look at
they have about the best prices on Nagants....
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Actually got to shoot my M-44 today...only shot a round through it...just wanted to shoot it to compare to the recoil of my .30-06. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't kick much at all...kicked less than the -06. Didn't shoot it any more because there wasn't anything around to shoot it at. We were shooting at some praire dogs, but they were to far away for me to spot them good with the naked eye. Did get a chance to shoot at them with my -06 though.
The reason the 44 shoots a bit crappy with the bayo folded is that they were "sighted in" at the factory with the bayo extended. When you have it folded, it changes balance, barrel harmonics, and a couple other things. If you shoot it with it folded more often than not, you can drift the front sight accordingly and it should take care of the problem.

Gotta love them 44's. The fireball (day or night) gets fun reactions from people at the range. I always thought it would be a good joke to put a cocktail weenie on the end of the bayo and act like I'm roasting it with the muzzle flash. Not like I'd actually do it, but I always laugh when I think about it.
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