muzzleloading questions?

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by skog, Nov 7, 2005.

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    I recived a TC omega last year for x-mas. I have never shot a muzzleloader before and not sure how things work. I have purchased several bullets for various manufacturs and weights. I have 100 pellets of 50 grain pryodex and a starter, primers, patches and all the required hardware. I just put a scope on it. Now I need to shoot it. I know how to load and such but how aobut cleaning? how many shots before cleaning? My best comparison to it would be I have a car and I know how to start it. It has a full tank of gas but dont know how to drive.

    any help would be great
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    Did your rifle come with a manual? Most of the questions that you've asked should be covered there. Most inline types have a plug at the back of the barrel that you take out when cleaning. Some require cleaning every 3-5 shots. Unfortunately,you'll not find out if this is one until youstart shooting it. Start with 2 of the pellets. You may find out that (1) it shoots well with 100 gr loads (2) the recoil from 150-200 gr loads is a little or a lot than you want to shoot (3) the scope bouncing off your brow is kinda annoying.


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    Skog what powder are you shooting?There is a new powder that is grain for grain like black powder but no sulfur,super clean and does not need cleaning with scalding hot water like black powder.Its called American Pioneer Powder,alot of people I know are asking the game wardens if its legal,they say yes.I agree about a manual,if you don't have one,watch a friend,I quit using pyrodex due to not always igniting the first shot,I bought triple 7 from hodgen but feel the American Pioneer Powder is a better choice for me,fffg for pistols and ffg for rifles.Drop-Shot
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    Re: re: muzzleloading questions?

    200 grain loads? what modern muzzleloading rifle takes a charge like that? :shock: