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My 710 Remington

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I bought this rifle about a year ago, and love it. It's chambered in .270 and loves those expensive Winchester 130 gr. Ballistic Silvertips, and does quite well with Remington 130 gr. Core-Lokts. She is a real decent shooter out to 250 yds. haven't shot any 150's through yet but plan on that in the future. I outfitted it as so:

1. Simmons ATV 4.5-14X40mm Target scope
2. Stoney Point Target Knobs
3. Butler Creek Flip-Up scope Cover
4. Low Mount Leupold rings
5. Harris Bi-Pod
6. Super Sling
7. Slip-on 8 Shell Holder Butt Cuff
8. 1 Spare Magazine

She is my prized rifle at the moment until I can get a Remington 700 Police .308 Rifle for some long Range shooting. I haven't had one hiccup from this rifle and she will shoot POA all day even when the barrel gets a little warm. She is going to get a few woodchucks under her belt when I get home. For $350 new, I am very pleased with her and may never part ways. I really can't comment on field testing because I baby her when I target shoot. She comes out of her case for target duty, and when I'm done she goes right back in, until I can give her a good cleaning at home. I haven't done any special breaking in of this rifle and she shot great the day she came home. I hear a lot of people complain that the rifle looks and feels cheap, but I don't think so. I never have any intention of big game hunting with this rifle, but from a strict target/varmint standpoint I can say it is worth the money. I want to give the New .300 Win Mag a shot and here it kicks real nice.... :twisted: I am a big boy and recoil doesn't really bother me. I guess thats why I'm drawn to those 3" Mag Turkey Loads too. :wink:
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Sounds like you found a really nice "out-of-the-box" shooter. Glad to hear it, and can't wait to hear the hunting stories! :)
V_Lover 04:

How is the trigger on the 710, is it adjustable at all? I have been pondering a 710 in 300 Mag to complement my cabinet full of Savages. I like my Savage centerfires but also do like a bit of variety, albeit tempered by a limited budget. Would not mind hearing more about your experiences and thoughts on your 710.

On an aside note. It sure is nice for a change to hear someone who actually owns a 710 comment on its performance. Seems like most of the comments I see posted on various forums about the 710 are from folks whose experience with this particular firearm was limited to when they looked at one in a shop or store.

Got to ask why is seems so many people, particularly non-owners, have so much dislike for this firearm? Ok it may not look or feel like some of the $600+ rigs but if it works and does the job, I'd like to know about this. Similarly if it is a bad firearm, then the vast majority of us on a budget who like to shoot and get the occasional new firearm with some hard earned dollars also want to hear that from folks who experienced it.

I hate to criticize anyone for posting their opinion on a forum but it seems a lot like badmouthing a 710 is a new version of "political correctness".
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Most people put down the 710 because "everybody else says it".I agree with what a guy on another site said about the 710-Most hunters get the rifle out and shoot a couple shots to see if it's still sighted in.Then maybe a couple shots during season.Then the rifle is put back in the rack till next season and then the cycle is repeated.The 710 will probably serve these people well.The 710 costing less is an added bonus.
If someone shoot thousands of rounds out of a 710,will it hold up as good as a 700?Probably not,but only time will tell.
my 710 in .270 probably has about 1000 shots in it as of now. the bushnell scope broke long ago from rough use(that cheap bushnell was my alltime favorite scope. i loved the picture i got while looking through it). i now have a simmons 44 mag on it, and it does allight. for the price, you can't go wrong with a 710.

btw, vettelover, in case you're wondering, the 150 grain rounds are a little less accurate than the 130's, but they do just fine. i stick with the core-lokt 130's due to their quick expansion.

i would also like to mention that i'm very hard on my guns, and i have to say that my 710 has held up very well. on several ocassions, it was fired so much that you would get burned if you touched the barrell, and it still shoots great. i cant remember how many times its fallen over or been dropped while i walk on the rocky hill country terrain here in south texas. this gun is tough, and it shoots great. i would recomend it for anyone.
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I am thinking about getting the 710. Would you recommend the .270 or 30-06 for hunting deer? how powerful is the .270? Is the scope waterproof, fogproof and shockproof? Thank you.
The 270 and 30-06 are both good choices.The 270 is a 30-06 case necked down to use the lighter and smaller bullets.What else do you plan on doing with the gun?If deer and smaller critters are on the agenda,I'd lean toward the 270.If it's deer and bigger critters,the 30-06 will have the advantage of bigger and heavier bullets.
Re: re: My 710 Remington

Anonymous said:
I am thinking about getting the 710. Would you recommend the .270 or 30-06 for hunting deer? how powerful is the .270? Is the scope waterproof, fogproof and shockproof? Thank you.
i agree with what 43 2n said... .270 seems to have a flatter trajectory with better accuracy at longer ranges. the bullet isnt quite as big as the 30.06. with a 30.06, you have the advantage of more penetration, and with the .270, you have quicker expansion. i prefer the quicker expansion.

if you hold a .270 round, and a 30.06 round next to eachother, you really cant tell the difference between the two. they are almost the exact same size.

i dont know too much about the scope, except that i liked it, and it worked great for me. it never fogged up on me, and im not sure if it's water proof or not.
Thank you for the info. Sounds like I will get the .270. By the way, What range is the 710's scope zeroed in for?
with a 30.06, you have the advantage of more penetration, and with the .270, you have quicker expansion. i prefer the quicker expansion.
Expansion and penetration are more about the bullet than the caliber. Partitions, Grandslams, FailSafes, etc will penetrate deep whether they are shot out of an '06 or a .270. Ballistic tips and the other lighter varmit type ammo's will not.
The 710 doesnt come in 300 win mag yet. I was looking at them but i got me a win modle 70 in a 300 wsm just wanted a big gun. I never saw a bad post from someone who owned a 710. But there are lot of people who like to bad mouth them I think its the price and the fact you cant do much upgradeing to it that mifs people. The scope on the 710 is a bushnell 3x9 yes its fog and waterproof. Again from what I saw it looked nice but didnt have it in low light conditions but i am sure it will do the job.
but now for the important question V_lover, What vette do u have?
I have owned a 710 in .30/06, and one in .300wm. The 06 was the biggest piece of crap I have had, and I have owned a few guns, it would throw bullets into 5 inch groups at 100 yards, not exeptable by any means. My 300wm was a tackdriver, for the money, 1.5 inch at 100yards, not bad for a 300 dollar gun, I have a 500 dollar Savage American classic, that shoots the same chambered in .270
:shock: You have a 710, I'm sorry for your pain.
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