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My confession

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I have to confess. My illness is still with me and going strong :shock: . I bought a barrel for my Encore, a 7mm mag,then I got a forend for it, scope mount and rings. I'll be buying a scope next.I need theropy, somebody help me......
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8point the folks that want to help wants a good deal on the Encore.I wish I could get one and mabe I will one day,but now I just want to get back to montana.I bought a laser boresighter and it is the cats meow.At the range I didn't have to adjust my scope,I was right on.3 shots at 100 yards all touch,they make big holes(358 win)all are in 1 cluster,about 1 inch.Two shot groups were about 1/2 inch,as the barrel heated up the group got a little bigger,I may remove the fore end and check for shinny spots on the wood.Drop-Shot
8 point,
Take 2 BLRs and call in the morning.
Great call Dr sappyg.Drop-Shot
:lol: Thats a good one sappy.

Thats alright DP, I gonna have to get me a lazer boresighter
8point I don't know why it took me this long,they are the best thing since peanut butter.I set it at home and went to the shooting range,dead on at 100 yards.I wish I had gotten one a long time ago.You don't need them often,except for you of course,but when you do they are dead on.I got mine from on sale with shipping for less than 50.00,I lost the arbor for 35 cal for my bushnell graff type bore sighter that got you on paper at 50 yards,they don't sell just the arbors anymore,so I bought the laser boresighter and love it.Bye the way the BLR with a lapped bore shoots a2 shot group of 1/2 inch and 3 shot groups move out to about 1 inch,not bad for a lever action.Boy those 35 cal make big holes.Drop-Shot
Thats it I'm saving my money and gettin me one. I love new toys especially when they help you like that one will.
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