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My new rifle

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Picked up my new 300 WSM yesterday. I didn't get the Browning like I first said. I opted for a Winchester Mod. 70 Classic Featherweight. It is a nice looking gun and I am looking forward to shooting it(once I get my scope and mounts).
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I picked up a similar gun today. Mine is also a 300 WSM in blue/synthetic with a 3x9 Leupold VX-II. I got a good deal on it so I bought it to get the scope, I don't have much interest in the cartridge. I got it from a guy who was a regular at guns shows and was selling out his inventory. I also picked up a few other goodies, a Remington Model 8 in 35 Rem in abot 70-80%, a like new Remington 597 in 22 mag for, an SKS, a 12 ga Win 97 in 70%, a new full size wide body Rock Island 45 ACP, the likely clunker in the bunch, a new EAA Colt SAA clone in 45 Colt, and a 53 gun Liberty safe. I'm trading off the M-70 and the 597 on Monday, the 45 ACP may go too. I should dump the EAA before I find out there is something wrong with it but I do want a single action for CAS. The prices were right and I couldn't help myself.
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You may have spent a little money didn't you :lol:
Yes I did, though not as much as my wife did at a furniture liquidation an hour before!! I used the old "It was on sale, look how much I saved" line plus I put several pieces up for immediate sale. I bought the whole works for a bit over $1500 and expect to pay off nearly half with what I plan on selling. As the safe runs at least that and she had already urged me to get one, I told her I actually broke more than even. the toy account took a hit but not more than planned. Soon I'll have money in the toy account to complete my Cowboy Action Shooting outfit, namely another pistol.
That 'll work :)
I just bought me a a winchester m 70 in 300 wsm i like the way it shoots all I need now is a better scope but it will do for now :D
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