Need a Vibe Bowl for Cleaning

Discussion in 'Handloads' started by mountainview, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Gents, my reloading operation is nearing completion and lacks a good case cleaning rig. I've been cleaning cases with alchemy (spot o' lemon juice, pinch o' salt, and h20) and while it works alright, I'd like to upgrade for couple 'a reasons. What good, reasonably priced mechanical cleaners would you folks recommend? Also what media works well w/o biting into the budget?
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    Check out Midway. They generally have one or two at "special pricing". Like all other stuff,you can buy the deluxe kits or just the tumbler itself. I think when my youngun got his,he paid around $49. It came with media. I prefer the walnut shell type. It isn't something that you need to replace very often,so the cost shouldn't bother ya too bad.

    Start up costs are the biggest thing that stop a lot of folks from reloading.They don't understand that most of this stuff is reusable for YEARS!

    Your chemical cleaner sounds to be enviromentally safe. A buddy of mine,who reloads mostly handgun stuff,uses a 5 gal pail of carbcleaner. Dump the resized shells in the dipbucket and drop em into the cleaner. After sitting in there for a while,he pulls out,drains off excess cleaner and dip em in a bucket with detergent and water. Slosh em around,drain em and pour em out on a flat pan to dry. They look like brand new cases! Primer holes get completely clean also. If he's in a hurry and his wife isn't home,they may end up in the oven for a while.


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    Unless you are going to use the tumbler to moly coat bullets just about any of them will do just fine. I'm still using a Midway tumbler I bought used about 12 yrs. ago.
    As far as the media goes, the walnut seems to clean a little better but leaves a red dusty mess. I usually buy walnut and corncob in the 6lb. containers and mix them 50/50. This solves the mess and lasts me a long time.