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need a youth model 22

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lookin to get a 22 rifle for my son for his birthday, he will be 8 next month. I am looking at a chipmunk, anyone have any opinions on this one? Would it be worth it to get a 10-22 and cut the stock down, new stocks are plentiful so I could always get another one when he grows in to it. Let the advice begin!
thanks fella's.
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Check out the Rossi combo. It comes in .22/.410 or .22/20ga. Bought one several months ago to teach the granddaughters.Nice little gun not expensive either.Needs a better rear sight in my opinion.
The chipmunk is a nice little .22. safe too, the Rossi mentioned above or a NEF combo set this a good safe gun too. The shot gun barrel helps with hand eye cordination,and the rifle barrel with marksmanship. The triggers on the combos are somewhat stiff but may be better for a kids first. I think I would stay clear of an auto till later after gun handling & marksmanship are mastered. A combo also lets a yougster hunt many different situations.
What your son needs is a CZ Scout. It is bolt action and can be used as a single shot (with a one-shot clip). The stock will not need to be modified for an eight-year-old. Check it out.
I have checked out several diffrent rifles, including all the ones yall suggested, and I think I have decided on the marlin youth. check it out and tell me what yall think. ... t/915Y.htm
You can never go wrong with a Marlin. Good choice and good luck. Have fun teaching the youngster to shoot!
czar i tend to disagree i have shot a couple marlin bolt action .22's and they are crap and cant group worth a damn w/ that being said i do like that new 1895rl in 480 ruger i might have to pick one up. if it was my son id buy him a ruger 10/22 he'll have a great gun for life they have so many models to choose from and parts are plentiful and if ur son gets older and really gets into it theres sooooo much u can do w/ it w/ new barrels triggers stocks...jmo

i just had a thought if u wanna get a premium bolt action .22 for a nice price id look at the remington 504 im not sure what the stock dimensions are tho it may be a bit big for ur youngster

I am a big fan of the 10-22, I have been shooting the same one myself for more than 15 yrs now, but its a bit too long for him right now. Also I dont want him to have 10 shots avalible if he decides to get trigger happy. The ones I have been looking at range from 3.5-4.5lbs and are around 30" long. Also I disagree with what was said about the bolt action marlins, I have 2, one in 22mag, and the other in 17hmr, and both are quite accurate and group quite nicely.
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