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Hello Aix,
Welcome to the friendlies rifle forum on the site. If spelling was a factor I would have had to kick myself off the forum a long time ago. Make yourself at home and holler if you have any questions.
Jay Gentry

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Hey thanks guys nice welcome:

as for guns well lets just say Ive got a few I like and some I love.
7mm rem mag, 270 win ,6.5x55 sweedish
44 mag, 357, 38, 45, 40, 50, cal pistols
12 gages
22 cal singl to simi autos
to name afew
and colecting more every day
and I know i wil;l catch heck for this one but
I HATE THE 3006 over rated junk but thats MHO
300 mags 338 I like for big stuff but the short mag ive herd the berals are wering out and I shoot alot.

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Welcome AIX,I used to reload and have all reloading stuff but it's in Montana in storage.What do you think of the 338 mag? I have heard they are hard kickers,but one year the only year I did not get an elk was because of a grizzly bear.When they piss on some thing they think they own it.I loaded my 30/06 with 220 gr but was not confident enough with it.I might have taken that 4x4 home if I had a 338 mag,What do you think of it?Drop-Shot
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