New Savage Bolt gun

Discussion in 'Savage' started by huntswithdogs, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. huntswithdogs

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    I was in a gunshop Wed.nite and saw this really,really nice rifle hanging in the rack. Slim lines,dark blueing and a great piece of wood( HEH HEH..he said WOOD!) with a Accutrigger. I thought it was a new Remington. Turns out its a Savage! I think its a model 14? Don't know for sure,but check around. These things look SWEET.

  2. Stallard

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    Savage are fine rifles. The accutrigger is sweet. Check it out good before walking it home. Check out my post on 12fv a few problems. The problems have been resolved because I've been patient. Still working on finding the best load for my .308
    Good luck.

  3. mountainview

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    HWD, don't be afraid to give in and let that homeless rifle follow you out to your vehicle and give it a ride home. If I had an extra slot in the gun cabinet and could justify the need for a second Savage 30-06, I'd grab one of the Model 14/114s myself. Same action as my other Savages and a bit better wood, local Gander had some for 300 shekels which was a good price.