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New, Stevens Model 200

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Anyone got any opinions or know anything about this gun Its offered in a variety of calibers and has great price. (almost to great)
Here is a link
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To look at the picture,it doesn't look like a Savage. Stevens was doing the 411 shotgun,so I'd wander if this might not be another import similar to the CZ rifles.

Not a bad looking piece though. Nice clean lines and offerd in a nice variety of calibers.

It looks like a modified version of a 110........
Hey 8,

The reason I said that it didn't look like a savage rifle,is because of the lack of the barrel nut. My computer wouldn't blow up the picture any more.


I suspect that it is the usual Savage rifle sans the accutrigger and with a tad more drop in the rear portion of the synthetic stock. Been looking at it myself since (don't let this get around) I don't have a 270 in the cabinet.

Safe shooting.
Hunts, I didn't see that. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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