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New Swift Scope

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My new 2X7X40 Swift Scope has arrived at my dealer a couple weeks ago and I had it mounted on my new Remington 7600 in .308 caliber. I had the dealer mount the scope with Weaver rings and base.
For the cost of this scope, I cannot believe the clearity of the optics. I have owned several scopes from the Leupold Gold Ring, Simmons, Bushnell, Tasco, and a couple off the wall brands I cannot recall at the moment and I must say with all honesty that the Swift optic clearity and light brilliance is right up there with the Leupold 3X9 I had on my .243.
The factory told my dealer that if anyone has a problem with the Swift scope, to just give them a new one off the shelf instead of making them wait for a repair. I don't think I can go wrong with that type of guarantee.
I have taken the rifle out in the evening at dusk to see how it would collect the last moments of light in heavy woods and to my surprise and delight, this scope will fill the bill for my hunting needs here in North Carolina.
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Elderberry9 I owned a aswift 3-9x40 and for a couple years It was great Then we had a terrible front come in,snow -40 degree,that night I came hime and the swift change of temps caused a ring of moisture around the bell,I brought It back and the company I bought it freom and the handed me a brand new scope.I traded it off but I may have traded a super scope,the guy still uses it.I think I got a lemon,the only other scope I've never had a problem with is luepold.Drop-Shot
elderberry99,your right about the clarity,my brother-inlaw has the replaced one and still uses it in Montana,I tried to trade it back but he likes it too much,time will tell.Drop-Shot
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