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I'm a newby both to this board and to centerfire rifles. In the past my interest has been rimfires and shotguns. Anyway enough of wasting your time and on to my question. I bought a sporterised Enfield tonight (No.4 Mark I). Markings include:
On left side of receiver:
No.4 MK I *
On the band which runs just above the trigger guard:
F I 2
On the barrel just forward of the breach:
??? 305 ????
19-5 ?ONSPER

I have several questions.
1. Can the bolt be removed for cleaning? If so how?
2. In reference to the sioghts which "hole" is for which range?
3. The rifle came with a detachable 5 shot mag. Ar larger ones avialible?
4. What in the proper field striping procedure?
I wasnt sure where to post this as it is both a "military style" and a center fire. Please advise.

Thanks in advance for any information.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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