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Next purchases for next year

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I'm gonna get a Thompson Center Encore muzzleloader with an extra 7mm mag barrel before next hunting season.I also will get one of our own leverguns rifle slings,they are a work of art and an heirloom to hand down for generations,I could buy another elcheapo from walmart that lasts a couple years or I could buy my future grandsons rifle sling and be proud of it,I'm not gonna go cheap on this.I also want to get a 454 casull pistol and someday get the Puma 454 casull levergun.Drop-Shot
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Not bad, not bad at all.

I don't have many on my list for next year at this particular time. About the only ones that stand out are a traditional muzzleloader such as a Hawken rifle, and possibly another 1911. I don't have a muzzleloader yet, and there are a lot more hunting opportunities with those in this state (the seasons are quite a bit longer). I've got a bare-bones 1911 that I really love, and I want to get a fairly tricked out one.
My main goal for the coming year is to shoot my Ruger Blackhawk A LOT. I've decided to leave the long guns home next year and deer hunt with my 45LC. This is gonna take a bunch of range time because me,iron sites and my eyes aren't exactly all coming together right now.

I've been trying to decide whether to get a 30/30 or a 35 Rem levergun. Heck I may just splurge and buy one of the 45LC rifles.

Hmm, the list is so long I can't type it all out. I need everything, and you guys list will become absorbed into mine... It's just not right! ;)

Seriously, I believe the next step is to buy a membership to a range, and practice more with my 7 mag, and get the pistols out.
A scope for the 416 the one that Drop-Shot out-maneuvered me to steal away from me. :cry: :cry:

Drop-Shot, I hope you're happy... :? :? :wink: :wink:

Merry Christmas, buddy! :D
I is L2S,have a safe & happy sunday bud.To all be very carefull if you plan to travel,their expecting over 1000 people to die in car wrecks between now and Jan 2,don't let it be my buds.Drop-Shot
My wife is thinking that maybe later she would like a rifle, but she isn't quite sure what yet. I'm quite convinced she really needs a Rock River or Bushmaster AR-15 :wink: We'll see how it goes!!
All I want is that little custom T/C Contender DS. I got to get some scopes for about three guns and thats gonna eat up the ret of my gun money...
My main goal is to upgrade my scopes. Many of mine are either newer mid-price scopes or old better quality that are now comparable to the mid priced ones. The centerfires will get the new glass and the old ones will be moved to the rimfires. The rimfire scopes will be doled out to 4-H and deserving relatives and friends. I hope to get a Winchester 94, maybe Marlin 1894, in 45 Colt for CAS use. Another goal was to get the target model Buckmark but I just lucked into one yesterday; unfired for $250. I jumped on it and sold my target model S&W 22A with cheap BSA red dot to a buddy for the same price. I am watching for the Spartan SxS rifles to come out as the 45/70 looks interesting and also hope the Springfield XD in 45 ACP makes it debut as claimed. If my Rem 700 in .223 sells, I'll be in the market for another bolt in .223, maybe a Stevens as it will be used as a truck gun and will get dinged up. I'd like to get a slug barrel for my 12 ga Beretta 391 or standard weight 20 ga 870 as I am selling my current slug gun, a Beretta 390 Sporting with an extra slug barrel. If I get a 391 barrel, I could also sell my Marlin slug gun and Mossberg 835 slug barrel. Neither of these group my favorite brand of slugs as well as I would like and would rather buy guns than test shells. "Buy a gun to fit the shell rather than find a shell to fit the gun", is my creed. Of course I will keep my eyes open for any deals that I stumble across, one does have to be flexible.
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Dog, you gonna have a busy year
I have a list of guns that I would like to have but rarely buy new guns.
I am in gunshops quite often over 3 states and browse for used bargains.
my latest is a Walnut 10-22 like new for $95.
On my list are any Ruger #1 , any 10mm, another Colt AR-15, a quality 22lr and usually looking for varmint rifles
It won't be as hectic as it appears, I already traded to get an older Redfield 2x7 to replace the straight 4x for my slug gun. I also got another 3x9 Tasco World Class Plus to put on my 30/30 bolt and can trade off the 4x that was on it. Now I have only two more guns to re-equip.
Dreamgun for me is tracking down a syntheticstock reproducion M1-Garand, and about 8 ammo clips for it. That way I can goto the range and go blam, blam, blam, blam, pwating! and start the process all over again. it's the Pwating that gets me. Garand is 30-06 right?
I'm hoping that next year I'm going to be able to add my first 1911 to my collection. I love the one that wired has...and am pretty darn good with it.

For right now I'm a happy woman though. wired played a fantastic santa this year and set me up with a CZ 452 Scout and a Simmons 4x32 scope. Had the scope mounted, sling swivels installed, and added a's a gorgeous little sight to behold.

You're a lucky gal, methinks! Wired, good job. I wish y'all the best of futures together! :D A couple that shoots together, stays together!

It's actually pretty funny. I USED to be one of those totally antigun types....untill I had one pulled on me on the way home from work in St. Louis a few years ago. From that point on I decided that I was going to learn how to shoot somehow, someway, if for nothing more than to be able to protect myself.

When I met wired back in August, we hit it off so well it was amazing. When I found out that he was a shooter, the first thing that I asked him was to teach me. The rest, as they say, is history! My first trip to the range, I was hooked. I absolutely love it...I even wound up joining the NRA. Not to mention I found out that my Mom is a shooter too...and according to Dad and I am my mother's daughter when it comes to marksmanship. But, I had a good teacher!
You should be looking at the new 1911 that Taurus is coming out with. One of the Gun magsdid an article on it recently that was pretty good. Supposedly they're hold this thing to extreme tolerances that rival a Kimber. Prices for the stainless didn't go over $619 with the blued aout $25 less. Check em out on their website under large framed pistols.

I've handled a good deal of the Taurus product...they just don't feel right in my hands. If it's not comfortable, I'm not going to enjoy shooting it, so...regardless of how quality a firearm might be, if it doesn't feel like a part of me it stays on the shelf.

I like the Springfield Mil-spec 1911 A-1, Para's PXT LDA High Capacity Limited, the Nighthawk Custom, and the Ed Brown Cobra Carry. The Executive Carry is nice too..but I really like the feel of the scaling on the Cobra. I'm actually half tempted to simply hold off and save up for the Cobra...though a Springfield 1911 in the collection would be nice. many, so little time.

I also have my eye on the DeHaan Model S2...nice looking SxS (like them much better than O/U...sorry), good company from what I've researched, and decent price. Dream shotgun however is the Beretta Silverhawk....I LOVE the Silverhawk. I've gotten to shoulder them twice now....when something feels that good it makes you wonder how much of a beauty it would be to shoot.

And lastly I'm also considering a decent deer rifle. I like the Ruger M77 Compact in .308. I know that it will be a bit more stout in the Compact than it is in wired's full M77, but I'm not a wimp when it comes to recoil, and the .308 would enable me to hunt just about anything in North America that I put my mind to.

All I really know at this point is that my next purchase is going to be a
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If you are looking at the Mil-Spec SA's and hi-caps, you may want to find a PX9707L that Springfield made. It has the Mil-Spec ejection port and sights, with the trigger/beavertail/hammer of the loaded.

Holds 13+1 .45 ACP

I just got one and I love it. If it is not too thick for your grip, I think it would be OK. My wife can handle it, and she has small hands.

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