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No fear....Vette_lover2004 is Here!!

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I finally got off my Arse and registered on Looks to be like it will have the same potential SGW has. Time will tell. I'm here to stay.
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Vette lover It's good to read your words again,sorry I haven't been to shotgun world in a while.What guns do you hunt with? Sorry but 'm not crazy about vettes,I've been a mechanic for 33 years and working on vettes is worse than other makes.I worked at a chevrolet dealership 10 years and the worst memorys are about vettes.Don't get me wrong,if I did not have to work on it I would look for a 65-66 stingray.I love the looks but sooner or later I would have to work on it so no vettes for me,But lets talk about guns,What cal gun do you use?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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