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my dad wanted me to get an idea what a couple of his guns are worth for him

one is a really old lever action winchester model 1894 in 32 special.. has a really heavy octagon barrel with the 10 shot tube. this is not a newer model it is an origional and is absolutely mint. he is going to get me a serail number for it.

he is also wondering if anyone would have an idea what a drilling tripple barrel is worth. origionaly from germany.
had special shells imported for it that have the american primer pockets instead of boxer primers like the typical german brass plus all reloading dies.
it has very entricate etching on the gun not just the stock.
has a 16 guage 3 inch high brass double barrels on top with a 9.3x72 rifle on the bottom. the back lever where you nomaly slide it sideways to break it open is actually the selector for the barrel far right is right shotgun barrel far left is left shotgun barrel and center is the riffle barrel
has double set trigger and then also has a second guard just outside the trigger guard that you push slightly forward to make the action break open. if i am not mistaken i think this has hammers as well but would have to double check that

he was offered quite a bit for it back in the 60's was wondering if its worth more now. but was only offered about what he was offered then and feels he is getting lowballed by a collector.

again this is a german drilling made specifically for wild bore safaris

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The value on the '94 depends mostly on the condition; somebody who is knowledgable should look it over to give you a condition factor, or you should carefully look over the photo section in the front of a recent Blue Book to get some feel for evaluating condition. If it has been refinished, it has no collector value; since you said it's "absolutely mint", this may be the case. If the overall condition is below about 80%, it's a shooter and it has no real collector value (if it has a good bore - if the bore is bad, it's a wall-hanger).

Since you said it's got a 10-shot magazine tube and an octagon barrel, it's a rifle rather than a carbine. Next, does it have any special features such as a tang sight, a 3-leaf express sight, a set trigger, a pistol grip stock, "extra" wood, case hardened reciever, etc. Anything non-standard must be accompanied by a factory letter, available from the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming.

The dreiling (drilling) is worth whatever you can get a buyer to pay... they are so few in number, and each one is unique (they were not mass-produced) that you can't establish a Blue Book value. If you find the right buyer, it could be worth a pretty good chunk of change, but most guys wouldn't give you a nickel for it because they don't have any desire to own it.
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