Olympic Arms AR-15

Discussion in 'Military Style' started by mapanggulo, Oct 14, 2004.

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    I just got my retirement present (ok...one of them..but the Cynergy is alittle out of my reach right now).

    A Buddy of mine was trying to sell his AR-15, it's a preban model, but since the ban is no longer in effect he can't get as much as he bought it for, plus he came to the conclusion that he paid too much for it anyway.

    He sold it to me for $500, but found out that I'm trying to get rid of some of my surplus Military gear/clothing that I have and don't need anymore. He told me to take the rifle and he will see what I have and knock it off the price in trade. The rest of the stuff I might put online for trade on AR-15, need some magazines. I know he already wants the Flak Vest I have.
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    You got a really good deal. Don't forget that some state have their own bans (Mass being one of them).

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    That is a great deal. That is one of the better brands of AR's IMO. I have colts, bushy's, Olympic, DPMS and Rock River. I have complete rifles in all the above and several different uppers and lowers to mix and match. My best set up is a Bushy lower with a Rock River upper flat top with heavy stainless fluted barrel. It is a "tack driver". I have found good prices on magazines through Cheaper Than Dirt and you can get some more places from AR15.com. Not pushing another board by any means but those guys over there are the hook up as far as AR's go.