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    In a unanimous decision, the Illinois Supreme Court last week rejected the City of Chicago's attempt to blame gun makers for the criminal misuse of firearms within the city. In rejecting Chicago's case the court ruled that gun makers do not owe a “duty to the city of Chicago or its residents to prevent their firearms from ending up in the hands of persons who use and possess them illegally.” The court concluded that the “matter of regulating the manufacture, distribution, and sale of firearms” was best left to the legislature, not the courts. “Today's decision is the latest in a long list of appellate court decisions that have rejected politically motivated 'junk' lawsuits that have tried to blame the makers of well-made, lawfully sold firearms for the actions of criminals,” said Lawrence G. Keane, senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry's trade association. At the same time, the court also dismissed a suit brought by five Chicago residents who had sued firearm manufacturers, distributors and dealers under the same "public nuisance" theory
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    lovetohunt,lets be happy a republican was elected,that decision was not political(just common sense)motivated but I sure like to hear good news,we have enough bad news.Blaming the gun would be tantamount to blame the makers of matches for forest fires,we know it'a dumb assertion but anti's seem to spring up every where.I saw a proud hunter riding down the freeway with a huge deer perched on several coolers so all could see his huge deer.As impressive as the deer was the other drivers had to see the deer,most were agast at seeing a dead animal.We can't do that,we have to be responsible hunters and mabe others will see our responsible actions and make good decisions like the one lovetohunt wrote about.Drop-Shot