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oops I did it again

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I just couldn't keep my mouth shut.I found a marlin 336 Zane Gray Century for $400.And before I knew it I looked at the owner and said I'll give $350 for it.And now I am the owner of a Marlin 30-30 in the 336 Zane Gray model.I know its not a collectors item sents they made 10,000 of them In 1972.But it just seemed to say take me home with you.So I did,if I keep doing this I'm going to need a biger gun safe. :shock: My wife looked at me with that look {If your married you know what look I'm talking about.} And I said but this one is a collectors item :wink: :twisted: And I got a deal on it. :lol:
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I know I'm late on the topic but...I seem to have the same problem with bigbore pistols and rifles. I just can't stay away from them and yes I too can hear them calling. I'm not married but I look at myself in the mirror the same way. But I get over it quickly.
Instead of a Mars Bar, I say buy a gun.

There is just one word for that affliction...

Nip-it...Nip-it...Nip-it! :shock: :shock:
ha, we all have done that, i've done it 4 times with pawnshop marlin model 60's !!! :D

and looking for more !!!

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