parts for an Enfield

Discussion in 'Military Style' started by shotgun minister, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for the parts to further "sporterize" my No.4 Enfield. Below is my list I'm wondering is hopefully someone here would have a lead as ton where I could order some or preferably all of these parts

    Sling and mounts.
    Scope mount(preferrably one wihich does not permantly alter the rifle)
    10 RD. mag (I bought this rifle with only a 5 rd.)
    Rubber recoil pad.
    Flash hider-for cosmetic reasons
    a few dozen stripper clips.

    Thanks for any help

  2. semiauto

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    Try visting this website they have lots of parts for almost anything. If that doesn't work then try going here you must buy the set of catalogs to browse their inventory but it's worth every penny, the catalogs or phone books as I like to call them are a great reference if nothing else :)

  3. jcwat

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    is this for fun, or for hunting? if it is for hunting, a 5 round mag is all you'll need. also, do you reload?? you might want to get into it. you shot groups will improve greatly. (-3" @ 100yrds)