peep sights and glasses

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by jcrouse, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. jcrouse

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    Hey all.

    I'm a newbie, and I'd like some advice.

    I want to install some peep sights for my Win 94, but I wear glasses to see long distance. Anyone have any experience on how this is going to affect my sighting with the peeps?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. huntswithdogs

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    Figured I'd welcome ya aboard! Can't help ya on the peeps though. My eyes are so bad,I've always used scopes.

    Someone hear wil be along to help ya soon enough.


  3. wwb

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    For old eyes, a tang-mounted aperture sight is the next best thing to a scope - beats the dickens out of a buckhorn sight. Lyman makes a tang-mounted sight that uses the existing Win 94 tang screws.

    Check it out at:

    edited.... that "goober" was supposed to be d-i-c-k-e-n-s. That doggone nanny is still tending to our language.
  4. The_Cook

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    I'm 24 and my eyes are bad too, I wear glasses, thick glasses.
    As for sights and stuff, just so long as your prescription is current and not out of date you should have no problems with long range distances with any sight unless we are talking about a 4" berm colored target out at 500yrds.
    Make sure that your glasses are fit properly to your head also, I usually go down to Lens Crafters once a month to get them readjusted for free. You will be surprised at what alittle maintanence can do.
    Eh.... only other thing I can think of are RANGE MUFFS. Don't use em if you wear glasses. They have a tendancy to press on the arms of your glasses tweaking the way they seat, so use ear plugs instead.

    Well either way, do what i'm planning on doing once insurance covers it. Get yer eyes fixed they have some great procedures out there. My friend Josh recently got his eyes fixed, our prescriptions aren't to far off and they were able to give him 20/10 which is a world of difference from the cusp of being declared legally blind. :D
  5. mountainview

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    Give the peeps a try. I wear glasses for distance sight and I've been amazed at how much my shooting improved over regular open sights. The only problem I have is that my eyes can't focus on short and long distances simultaneously. But that is not that big of an issue for peeps at typical hunting range unless you plan on shooting 100 + yards, in which case you'd be farther ahead using a scope.