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POLL-Favorite caliber

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What is your favorite caliber?
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.300 magnum for hunting deer & larger, .22 for target
270 for deer, and larger, and 7.62 for turkey and smaller, and 22 for plinkin
.270 for most game, and .22 for small game, and plinking

my favorite round to fire is 12 gauge, but i'll save that for shotgun world
I tend to lean toward the .270 win, but am looking at the .270 wsm, its a real hot rod.
30-06, mostly due to the availability and versatility of the ammo.

def. .308 :D

7mm Rem Mag for deer and elk. .223 for varmints. :D
.22LR heck thats about the only useful cal here in IL cant hunt with anything bigger. shotguns and .22s are it here.
.308. It is much better than a 30-06 at longer ranges :D
Re: re: POLL-Favorite caliber

goldeyeslayer said:
.308. It is much better than a 30-06 at longer ranges :D
You might want to have another look at your ballistics chart. At 300 yards the '06 has the .308 whipped in velocity and energy, so does the .270. 8)
Re: re: POLL-Favorite caliber

goldeyeslayer said:
gwp4ever, you might want to look at this it makes some good points :? :wink:
Thanks for the link. You would never catch me arguing about the accuracy of the .308, but as far as downrange velocity and energy are concerned the '06 edges it out. Dont get me wrong, I'm no '06 fan, I'd go with the .308 over it anyday. 8)
sunday 17 hmr
mon. 223
tu. 22-250
fri.7mm. mag
Monday thru Friday, I shoot 30.06 or 12 gauge, on week ends I shoot the bull.
1 - 20 of 105 Posts
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