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  1. I am trying to get info on power belt bullets. Ihave heard they suck that they dont leave a good blood trail or pass threw anyone here ever use them.
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    I got to test those bullets for the North American Hunting club a while ago. I shot them out of a .50 Cal CVA Hawken, 1-48 twist. I used 90, to 110 grains of ff Goex. The results were less than stellar to me. Since this was several years ago, I can't remember exactly what the bullet weight was, but I think 348 grains stands out in my mine. Anyway, these bullets didn't impress me. First, the recoil was severe, and all the bullets keyholed into the target leaving a 7'' group. Having seen enough I stopped there. When I went to retrive the spare bullets from my pocket, I found that the gas seal that is attachted to the bottom of each bullet had popped off and was rolling around in my pocket. I had only walked around from one side of my deck to the other...about 30 feet. In the field, this could be a disaster. I chose to hunt with another brand and was justly rewarded with a rather large cow Elk that year. Now I do understand that Powerbelts are designed to perform in the newer inline rifles. Keeping that in mind, I once again looked into using them for my first whitetail hunt last Nov. I test fired several bullets; this time from a CVA inline with a 1-28 twist. And once again I found another bullet to be more accurate. The Powerbelts were a lot easier to load, but the sloppy diamater that accounts for this also caused poor groupings. The bullets I hunted with shot a remarkable 1.5" group at 100 yards; with 2 shot passing through the same hole. Oh yes, I scored my first Whitetail too. All I can say is try them. You may have better luck than I did.

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    They are also supposed to be cleaner than the typical sabot combo. CVA says that you can shoot multiple shots without cleaning and not affect your accuracy. With regular sabots, they recommend cleaning after each shot. I've not tried them to compare to standard sabots. ...Maybe just marketing.
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    i just tryed some :shock: an had not a prob must be new kind and i haveabout 5 types of guns only mag is a cva mag hunter the rest are a bobcat one interarms a t/c sena45 and t/c 50 and they work fine out to 50 in the old timers at 1/48 the buf b ets are better but not past 50 yard :twisted: on big whitetails
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    Just my 2 cents- know this is an old post but maybe someone will re-visit this topic.
    I have had good results with PowerBelt bullets. I've used the 245gr Aerotips in 50cal. No keyholing, grouped about 3" w/ 100gr of Triple 7 (pellets). I think that's pretty good for a muzzleloader- certainly fine for hunting purposes at 100-150 yard ranges. Recoil wasn't mild, but that's the only muzzle loader I've shot so I don't have anything to compare. Loading the bullets was easy, and there was no noticeable plastic fouling after 15 shots.
    I spoke to a guy at the range who said that he uses the 245 gr 50 cal hollow point PowerBelts on deer and that if you hit them in the vitals with that bullet, the deer is as good as venison medallions on your plate.
    Only down side I see to them is that they're more expensive than a lot of saboted bullets - at $1 per shot they're not cheap!
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    I have a Knight inline, I was using their sabots and suggested bullets, I couldnt get a good group to save my life. I took out some 265 grain power belts to the range this weekend and let me tell you, I have never had this gun shoot better. First at 40 yards dead center 3 shots, then at 80 yards, perfect. I will stick with the power belts... Just my expierence... Good Luck