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Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by Anonymous, May 19, 2004.

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    Today I was out at the range with a my BLR 358 Win and I was sighting in a Leupold Vari-X II. At 50 yards, my first shot was about 10 inches too low. I cranked up the scope and the second shot was about 6 inches below center. I cranked it up again and my third shot was about 2.5 inches below center. My windage was just fine, but the problem was that I could no longer dial my scope up any higher, it was at max I guess, and the gun was still shooting way too low. What can I do? What are my options? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,

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    I've had this problem too. It's actully somewhat common and usually due to rear scope mount being higher than the front (when you can't get enough elevation...). You can do two quick and easy things to remedy this:

    -Switch the front and rear mounts. i.e. move the rear mount to the front and visa versa.
    -Add some shims to the front mount between the scope and the inside of the mount. In the past, I've cut "shims" from alum. pop cans. From there it's trial and error unless you want to get out the mic and measure.

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    bbanbury -

    Right idea, but backwards; if you're shooting low, it's because the barrel is pointed slightly down when the scope is level. This would be caused by the front mount being higher than the rear mount. To correct it, you need to make the scope "point down" like the barrel is already doing. Add the shim under the scope at the REAR.

    Actually, the first thing I'd do is double check all the parts to make sure they're correct. It's been my experience that unless something is wrong, you should never be that far off at 50 yards.
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    I think Millet makes adjustable scope mounts that would fix your problem. They have adjustable windage and up and down adjustments. IMHO its a little easier than making shims.
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    Also before you mount a scope you can use a scope mounting tool from midway that has 2 1 inch bars of aluminun that is pointed on 1 end,align the pointed ends to see if mounts are at the same hight.They also sell a shim kit and Brownells does also just for scope rings.If you want to go cheaper,go to a hardware store and buy a couple of feet of 1 inch dowel.Cut it in half or 3/4 of the way down so one is a little longer and put that in the rings(the longer one goes down the barrel to make sure it's properly aligned) and tighten the rings with both ends almost touching in the middle and shim if you have to.Drop-Shot