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Pump or Slide action!

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Shame on us for leaving out the good ole' "Pump" or "Slide Action" rifle.
I notice you have many different types of actions listed for rifles but left out the slide!
Was there any special reason for this?
As a lefty, I need the use the Slide action for that quick follow-up shot. I have used the bolt, semi-auto, and single shot but find that the good Ole' pumper works the best.
There should be a place for us that use these fine actions to write about them along side the semi's and bolt actions.
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I guess no one cares enough for the slide action or "pump" rifle as some call it.
I guess we do not count enough in the forum to have a place to talk about this type of action. :cry:
Hey elderberry, I care about them I think they are exellent, they are also the closest to a semiauto we can have on a normal licence :lol: .
I am so glad to hear at least one other cares for the slide action. I was seriously beginning to think I was the only one on this earth that held any feelings for the action.
Some may say that the most accurate rifle action is the bolt. I cannot agree or disagree as I am no expert but my way of thinking is when you slide that round into the chamber, that casing is locked in and I get all the accuracy for my shooting that is needed.
I have used several different semi's and never felt comfortable with them. I still have one in .22 that was my grandfather's and will never sell it. It gets a good workout on the squirrels around here. But the one true love is the good O'le pumper.
Oops! Sorry about the oversight. You now have a 'Slide Action' forum.
Jay G.
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