Raton, NM new vacation destination

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    Raton to target gun enthusiasts, manufacturers

    Location: RATON, N.M.
    Source: AP

    Raton officials say they will target firearms users, manufacturers and retailers as a way to bring money into the local economy.

    On Thursday, the town unveiled an economic development plan that expands on Raton's history of welcoming gun-toting visitors.

    The National Rifle Association's Whittington Center is a 33-thousand-acre facility located in the northern New Mexico town.

    This year more than $162,000 people are expected to travel to the center.

    The plan includes staging an outdoor expo at the center in May that would feature gunmakers....
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    http://www.krqe.com/business/expanded.a ... ss%5D=6619
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    I've been eyeing a trip up to Raton for awhile....just can't think of anything for the wife to do while I'm shooting :)

    [Shooting with me is out of the question :( ]