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Re-building a Remington ADL

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I posted some time back about rebuilding my Remington ADL 30-06. I've desided to use an Accurate Innovations Replacement stock with full-length bedding block avaible at Cabels and Brownells.

I was wondering if anyone here has used this stock and what did you think. From what I've found, it appears to be free-floating barrel stock and I will need to get the ADL to BDL kit from Brownells.

Another question I have is; has anyone had their action and barrel treated by Cryo-Accurizing at Gander Mtn. This sounds like a solution to the problem I have with stringing up and to the left as the barrel warms up.

Thanks, Clint
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The stocks seem to work pretty well, I wouldn't bet on the cyrogentics helping barrel movement. Stress relief is a function of heat not cold. Freezing has more to do with martzinite re-alignment. Most good after market barrel makers are doing both, heating for stress and then freezing.
Clintg if I were you I would take a look at accuracy innovations on the web and order from them,cabelas has a mark up.The one I looked at was 325.00 + shipping.I haven't checked cabelas but the mcmillan stock was 459.00 at most outlets and I could order from mcmillan for 393.00,but mine may be more because I have a #5 contour barrell.I like the stocks you are referring to but they don't come in #5 contour.Drop-Shot
shooter93, Gander Mtn. says that they lower the temp to -300 F and then raise it up to +300 F and allow it to slowly return to normal. I'm aware of stress relieving when welding pipe over 0.75" wt but that's a lot hotter temp. I plan to try this only if it continues to walk after the re-stock and free float.

Drop-Shot: I'll check A.I.'s web site and see how much cheaper it is to order direct. I will try at the same time to contact their tech staff and find out if the barrel is actually free floated with this stock.

I guess all of this is kind of like putting a lot of good money after bad, but it gives me something to do and besides the ADL was the first gun I purchased on my own back in '65.

Thanks for the input, Clint
clintg if I were you I would take the gun to a gunsmith to boroscope the throat.That will tell you if spending that money will be the solution.If the gun is old the throat may be worn and have small stress cracks,the barrell can be cut and set back or a new barrell can be installed.After thousands of military rounds in my 700 308,the accuracy got bad.I had a boroscope,a cheap one from stanley to check cylinders and valves,it showed no grooves and lands and slowly tapered to ok grooves and lands.I sold it to pay for my rebarrell job on my 30/06.The stringing you mentioned sounds more like stock problems than barrell.Just my 2 cents worth.Drop-Shot
Drop-Shot, thanks for the bore-scope tip.

As you suggested I contacted Accurate Innovations by email and they do not sale standard stocks from inhouse, only custom orders. I received a nice email from Ben DeRuyter, the president of Accurate Innovations, giving me a lead to several of their retailers. Two were $40 cheaper than Cabelas and they offered options for a nominal addition.

This will bring up more decisions to be made as to LOP, checkering and comb height, also I found out that the barrel is free-floating.

Clintg I went to their website and found a phone number,I called and the guy wanted to get my credit card and order now.It would be around july or august before I could get mine.I wanted the laminated sporter model with the channel cut for a # 5 contour barrell for a ruger 77 tang saftey.It will be last part of may or early june to be tooled up for the tang saftey ruger.Only 1 other stock maker offers a barrell channel cut for a # 5 contour and thats McMillan for 393.00.The accurate innovations laminated alluminum bedding system is 279.00 + 36.00 for channel work to fit my barrell and 15.00 for shipping.The guy with the phone number on the order page had to call the factory for information so he sells them.Call the toll free phone number on that order page and talk to Jim.Drop-Shot

Have you had a chance to try out the ADL to BDL conversion from Brownells? I'm in the process of picking out a new stock for my .270 and am considering upgrading to the BDL style.

The stock is going to be a McMillan's, haven't decided on whether to get the Remington Hunter, Mountain Rifle or BDL style. I'm leaning towards the BDL though.
Winchester, I haven't purchased it as of yet, but I have looked into it and talked to Brownells tech staff. The kit comes in two forms, one a aluminum with bake on-finish and the other stainless steel. For some reason the stainless is the cheaper of the two. I plan to go with the stainless version even though the barreled action I have is blued. The screws that you will need are not included and will have to be purchased separately. That part number is #084-272-701 and/or #122-505-070.

Good luck with your project. Keep us up-dated as to your progress.

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