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rebarrelling a Marlin 25M

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I just picked up a Marlin 25M action at a garage sale and was wondering if anyone has heard of an aftermarket company selling barrels for these guns in 17HMR? I am also curious if anyone has replaced a barrel in one of these models and what all it takes? Thanks for any help.
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Check with Wilson or Midway. They make barrels for the Ruger and I seem to remember one listed for the Marlin also.

thanks HWD, I quickly scanned Midway but didn't see anything, I'll look closer and give Wilson a try. I looked at Brownell's first and they didn't have anything, neither did Vohlquartsen, Butler Creek, nor the others I could think of that made Ruger barrels. I also tried searching the Internet but either there is nothing posted or I did not use the right key words or phrases as I came up empty. At only $5 for a usable action and synthetic stock, I can easily sit on it. The barrel isn't repairable, it looks like it was put in a vice about 4" in front of the fore end and crushed down. Putting itno shooting shape will likely be as expensive, probably more, as buying a new one but I don't mind a good project gun especially if I can get a good, accurate barrel.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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