recall of .22 Magnum Cylinders

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    Sturm, Ruger & Co.: recall of .22 Magnum Cylinders for New Ruger Convertible Bearcat Revolvers with Serial Numbers from 93-00500 to 93-01944. It has come to our attention that the .22 Magnum cylinders for approximately the first 1000 New Ruger Bearcat Convertible revolvers may be improperly timed. Firing a .22 Magnum cartridge in a cylinder not correctly timed with the barrel may result in excessively high pressures,causing the cartridge case head to fail. This can result in personal injury to the shooter or bystanders from pieces of cartridge case brass. We are requesting that if you own a New Ruger Convertible Bearcat Revolver with both a .22 Long Rifle and a .22 Magnum cylinder that you contact the Newport,NH Product Service Department (411 Sunapee Street, Newport,NH 03773. Tel:(603)865-2442 or Fax:(603)863-6165) for further advice.