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Rem 522 Viper

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I bought a remington 522 viper a couple of months ago, and I'm finally taking it to the range to see what it can do.

I bought the gun used at a local gun shop, its in good shape but was really dirty. so I broke it down cleaned it so good it looks like brand new. I also added a 3-9x40mm Tasco scope, $25 at wal-mart, it couldnt hurt.

Ive shot it and ran about 100 rounds of winchester super x bulk ammo every shot fired, and fed with out a problem. But never really sat down can fired at a target.

Since Ive bought the gun, ive been reading about it, and nobody likes it. Everyone has feed problems and its not accurate etc., ya know the drill.

I purchased an extra mag new off of ebay, so now ive got 2 mags, and I'm going to the range today so I can see what she can do.

I'll have a full report tonight or tomorrow.

oh, alot of people dont like the sound of the gun, and they complain of all the plastic parts.

Ive broken the gun down and there isnt any plastic besides the trigger, the synthetic stock, and the little red thing in the gun behind the bolt, that the springs go into. (what is this for?)

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You are the only one I have EVER heard that has said anything positive about this gun..
Yesterday the viper performed perfectly. I used Winchester Wildcat high velosity ammo, and every round cycled, no jamming. shot about 500 rounds, every shot went where I put it.

Note: The empty's FLY out of the gun, one bounced off the wall, and into the collar of my shirt burning me on my neck. It's a good gun, and so far I am very happy with the performace.

The scope (cheap tasco 3-9x40) only took about 10 shots to get dialed in, was shooting WAY low and I couldnt figure out where the shots were going. the scope is setting high so I also have the use of the iron sights.

It's really a good gun,

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