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Rem.552 Speedmaster

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I have a Remington 552 speedmaster semi-auto .22lr caliber. I have not shot it much. any one have one and how about accuracy. Rifle sights.
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I have one, and I think it's great. I have a cheap Simmons scope on it, and it shoots very well (1 to 1.5 inch at 50 yrds) with golden bullets. Doesn't like federal bulk at all. I have tried some other ammo in it, but can't really remember the performance. Overall, the gun has been rock solid.
Put a 3x9 .22 Bushnell for $50 on it and have fun - need to keep it clean with break free. Rem golden or Federal is what mine likes.
They say the best semi-auto .22 is the Ruger 10-22.I disagree,the 552 Remmy IS the best and in my opinion the Winchester 77 comes in at a hair spliting second.Although the 77 has not been in production in somr years....
I have one and love it. I use the iron sights on it and it seems pretty acurate. I also have a 10-22 I have no complaints about it either although I haven't shot it since I got the 552. I just like the looks and feel of the 552.
is the gun talked about here that 1 tube feed autoloader that can use shorts, longs, n long rifle .22s?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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