rem 700 or savage 12???

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by 870 ExpressMag, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. 870 ExpressMag

    870 ExpressMag Guest

    looking to buy a .223.....remingtons only come in 1 in 12" twist the savages are 1 in 9 which i like and i also like the accutrigger...but we also got a few 700's and love those two..any suggestions?
  2. mike .308

    mike .308 Well-Known Member

    Well, if you already have two remy's I'd want a savage.

  3. mountainview

    mountainview Super Member

    Both are nice rifles, I have a Savage 12FV and a 700 (larger caliber though) and get good performance out of each. My 12FV was my first Savage rifle (now have 3 with a 4th on the verge of folowing me home) and it is a real tack driver. It has never been hard to handload ammo for it that really makes it shine. Also the accutrigger is superb and can be user adjusted safely and easily which is what caused me to buy it. Every other rifle I got OTB had to have a trigger job to make it shootable.

    Sounds like the Savage has the features you want out of the box anyway so why not go for it?