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Rem. 788 6MM

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Just curiouse, what would a 788 Rem chambered for 6mm be worth? I have one with a very nice walnut stock. I will never sell it, but have been offered some pretty good offers a few times. I know the detachable magazine for this rifle is hard to find and VERY expensive. Thank you in advance.
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According to the Bluebook,
Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
Rifle $375 $275 $250 $225 $210 $200 $185
Hey Boatman,
My dad found a mag for his 308 a few years ago and only paid like $10 for it. I think he bought it at a gun show. If ya need an extra, look there first.

Thanks for the reply's

Thats the crazy thing about the 6MM. I can go right up town to the gun shop and buy a 243 or 308 magazine. Asking the shop owner he just laughs at me about the 6MM CRAZY I tell you!!

I was thinking someday of modifying a 243 or 308 mag. just for a spare. I figure I can screw up several of them before I reach the $80 amount for the 6MM clip.

Thanks again!
Buy the one for the 243.The cases on both are basically the same. The 6mm is only a little longer and I don't see why the clip wouldn't work.


I just went over to the Numrich website and pulled up the 788 schematic. They show a clip priced at $26 for the 6mm. The part numbers on it and the 243 are different. They show out of stock at this time but you may contact them and get your name on a list.

I have a 788 in .222. They are wonderful guns.

Funny, that when they came out they were considered kinda junky. They originally cost under $100. People didn't exactly snap them up. The stamped trigger guard looked junky.

There were originally made in .222, .243, and 308; as I recall.

Then they made them in 22-250; which was the wiz bang cartridge at the time. The 6mm came along about then to I think.

Finally they shortened the barrel and made it in .44 mag and 30/30.

Then word caught on that the darned things were extremely accurate. They began to compete with the Model 700's. When they stopped making them the demand for them was beginning to grow.

They are truely wonderful rifles. The box magazine is very convenient and easy to use. The action is extremely stiff and therefore accurage. The triggers are always fantastic, right off the shelf. The stock is well designed.

I bought mine at Big Five for $150 when the gun had been out of production for five years. I think one in nice shape is going for $500, don't know for sure though.

If you see one, buy it!
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Up here in the northeast the 788 in 6MM is worth around $550.00 in nice shape.The .243 clip will not work in this gun.Clips are worth over $80.00 and as high as $125.00 on ebay.There is a company out west making 6MM clips,but I don't know their name.Hope this helps. :D
I also have a 6mm 788. My dad bought it for me when I turned 12 as my first deer rifle. Today, that rifle is the only one in my gun case that can honestly shoot 1" groups at 200yds with 100gr Hornady "hunting" bullets. :D

I remember, as a kid, paying about $12 for a spare magazine and thinking that it was a rediculous ammount of money for a little stamped piece of metal! :(
.243 Mags won't work for the 6MM because the mags use the shoulders to locate the cartrige and hold them back from the front of the mag box to protect the bullet noses. I've seen mags at gun shows reciently new in the blister pack for $25 to $35. Over the years I've owned 7 of the 788's, and still have 3 of them. My local 'smith converted the stock trigger to an adjustable one for $25.00. He just added screws to the housing in the same place the 700 trigger has them. My .22-250 adjusted dowm to 1lb 2oz. Because the housing is soft alluminum you adjust it once then locktite the screws.
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