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rem nylon 66 repair.

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got a nylon 66 that will not discharge a shell after cleaning. is it possible to disassemble the bolt/firing pin to give it a once over or should this go to a gunsmith? If it is possible to remove the bolt what is the proper procedure?
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I'm not familiar with the Nylon 66, so I can't help you, but I'd suggest Remington's website. You can download the owner's manual in .pdf format, and it will show you how to disassemble the gun as far as practical. If the problem goes beyond what's covered in the manual, it's either a trip to the gunsmith or return it to Remington for repair.
Hi Carl! I just found this site and your post. Please do not attempt to take the Nylon 66 apart yourself. Either send it to Remington, or you can send it to me. I have a gunsmithing shop in Montana and I am familiar with the Nylon 66. :D
Hey, I've got the same problem. I bought a new looking Rem Mylon 66 and it doesn't cycle ammo for poop.

The previous owner must have had the same problem as it looks absolutely unfired.

I've taken the thing apart (Not a simple thing to do) cleaned the dickens out of it (it wasn't dirty) and put it back together and it still doesn't cycle ammo.

Have no idea what to do.

Evey now and then I take it out in hopes that it's healed itself in my gun safe.....but nope; it still screws up.

When you find out what to do post it and I'll go to school on your experience.
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Take a look here at the Nylon Rifle forum and post your question. Almost guaranteed to get a good reply.

My Nylon 66 jams constantly or it doesn't fire at all. Bought it cheap and used in a gun shop. The gun looked absolutely new.

So I figure the original owner had the same problem and dumped the gun.

So I've worked hard to fix it. Took it apart, cleaned the bolt face (which wasn't very dirty). Put it back together; and she still no work.

It's strange as the Remington demonstration shooters shot the 66 at thousands of wood blocks with nary a whimper.

I'm not giving up though. I'm going to take the damn thing apart again and futz with it some more.
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