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Remington 700 ADL Camo

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Anybody own one of these? I use a Savage 110 243 for deer and I was looking for something a little larger for Elk. I just wanted to hear some feedback on the Remmie.
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I did quite a bit of reading up on the various manufacturers' products for my recent rifle purchase. The 700 action is, as Chuck Hawks puts it, "hell for strong." As far as I know, when you buy an ADL you're getting the same action as on any other 700, so you've got an excellent piece of machinery there.
The 700 ADL is exactly the same action/ barrel as any other Rem. 700. The ONLY differences are the blind magazine and the finish of the rifle. I have two of these, both in .308. One is set-up as a "Scout" rifle, the other with a conventional scope. Both will shoot sub MOA, from a rest, with ordinary Rem. ammo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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