Remington 700 ADL is looking pretty nice!

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  1. I'm strongly looking into the Remington 700 ADL in 30/06 at Wal-Mart for $439. I will be using this for target shooting at a range. Maybe in a few years I will hunt with it but then again maybe not. I just want to shoot targets at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards at the shooting range for fun. Will this rifle be a good choice for what I intend to do with it?
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    if zeroed at 200 yds a 30/06 will drop 2 feet at 400 yds and at 9x magnification with a 40 mm scope the FOV is circa 13ft

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    The 700ADL is an excellent hunting rifle and is quite accurate for plinking and most target shooting up to 200 yards with popular optics. A 30-06 was used as a sniper round in Vietnam and so is no slouch at longer distances though the distance (1000 yard) shooters tend to shoot 300 mags. When you start getting out to 200+ yards, hunting rifles are serviceable but the longer distances are really more the domain of the target rifles with heavy barrels and higher mag scopes. If you are just looking for casual shooting up to 300 yards to have some fun at the range, hunting rifles will work but if you decide to strive for small groups and good accuracy (and this is more like when rather than if), a bull barrel rifle with target trigger and 6-24x scope will start looking better and better. The Savage heavy barrel with Accutrigger is a fine rifle for this type of shooting and not expensive (the heavy barrel version of the Savage can also be ordered through Walmart), add a scope and you are in business. If you strive for accuracy, handloading will probably be on the agenda at some point as well.

    I'd say go ahead and get the Rem 700 in 30-06 and a scope and head out to the range. Hard to go wrong with this rifle for casual target shooting and hunting. If you get the bug to target shoot 200+ yards, it will be a good excuse to look at target/varmint rifles and add another firearm to the collection.

    Safe shooting.
  4. It will just be for casual target shooting, nothing very serious. I realize that the rifle has open sights on it right now. Is it ready for adding a scope right out of the box or will I have to have it drilled and tapped for a scope mount? Also, what power of scope should I be looking at?
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    for the money it sounds real good. If for some reason you dont like it, it should be reasonably easy to resell.

    scopes are always a function of $$, but if you want to save money, then locate a Simmons WTC-18.

    it is a 6-20 power scope with a 50mm objective. you will need some high rings, to say the least.

    if you are going to shoot long range, 20 power and thereabouts is a must. I use one on the 25-06 I recently got. holds zero under recoil no problem.

    you want to shoot a LOT with good to great accuracy???
    hey who does'nt !!!

    then do this, and seriuosly its fun

    CAST BULLETS!! yes for 30-06!! even store bought cast bulets are very cost effective.

    Cast bullets are accurate, dont let anyone convince you otherwise. but like ALL bullets, it is a function of the load, and esp the bore of the gun. You can have lots of fun and learn lots of info, by getting into cast bullet shooting.
    I cast for 45-70 and .357. evetually, I will get a mold for the 25-06.

    the 30-06 and the 308 are used all over in long range, 1000 yard shooting. this is because of the the militaries influence.

    look into NRA listings for your area for matches, ranges, etc. you may have already done so, since evidently you have a place to shoot long range. for me it would be a 2 or 3 hour drive.. one day though...

    Handloading is a must, in reality.... has nothing to do with velocity or "drop" but if factory ammo yields 1-1/2 or 2 inch groups (and generally thats true) at 100 yards, then your long range shooting will be frustrating as the rounds start scatterng all over the target.

    Lee equipment will get you going for not much money at all.
    and it IS GOOD. look at my 25-06 post /target from box stock ruger. thats Lee dies/press.

    But I prefer and advise a Scale from RCBS/Ohaus, not that I know Lee scale is bad/same or even better, I just trust Ohaus and they make the RCBS scales.
  6. Thanks Timber Toes. I will look into the Simmons WTC-18 scope. I already reload for shotgun but I'm not serious enough in rifles at this point to reload for them. Another thing I want to say is that I probably won't shoot at 400 yard targets that is just an option for the range I might shoot at. I will probably shoot at 100 yards and 200 yards but mostly 100 yards especially with open sights before I get the scope.
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    Bought the 700 ADL 30-06 a few weeks ago for hunting deer. I use 180 grain BTSP. The recoil after a few rounds is pretty hard. I would usa a 150 grn for target practice. Better yet get a .308 and you can shoot all day and still hunt just about anything. Recoil on the .308 is much less.