Remington 700CDL

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by markIVbigblock, May 22, 2005.

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    well after a year of bein too busy and procrastination I finally took out my 700CDL in .270 and shot it first of all I would like to say I never shot a .270 before and didnt know what to expect in terms of recoil I know its a necked down 30-06 and the 30-06 kicks pretty healthy I figured this would have a healthy kick to it too I fired it for the first time and there was no perceivable recoil at all I dont know if its an awesome recoil pad or what but I swear my .22 kicks more than this gun I was shooting remington 150 gr express core lokt loads I zeroed in my scope and fired five rounds all grouped within an inch the the barrel seemed to heat up and they started walking in a vertical line up the target. I only fired 20 rds thats all I had sometyime soon Ill get out and try some 130gr loads but this is an awesome rifle and not only is it beautiful its a shooter for sure Im very happy with it.

  2. Papadoodles

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    Congrats on your New "Old" toy.

    Just check up on any of the old Jack O'Connor articles about the .270 - that man used it with the 130 gr load for just about everything and swore by it!!

    Sounds like you have one to have fun with!!!

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    im glad you like it.. i just bought a 30-06 adl but still have yet to shoot it.. do you know how the recoil is on that?
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    I have a CDL paid for and haven't been able to get over there to pick it up yet.The ones I played with at gun stores felt great and as of now I have not heard anything negative about the CDL all good news.I met a man at one of the gun stores I go to and he says he has 3 and all are great shooters.I'm looking forward to getting mine.Drop-Shot