Remington 700P

Discussion in 'Bolt Action' started by Anonymous, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I am planning on purchasing one in .308
    but I would like anyone's opinion on this firearm if you think it is a crappy firearm or has any problems
  2. fast97rs

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    Depends how much you are paying for it and what you want to use it for......

    For hunting the heavy barrel might make it too.... heavy :wink:

    But for target shooting or tactical uses.... its perfect

    for match shooting its probably the best in its price range... but not what you want to be shooting....

    give us more info and we will give a better answer...........

    Just my $.02


  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I guess it was stupid of me to ask a question with as little information as I did

    I would use it for hunting, I dont really mind the weight. I would also do some target shooting pretty hardcore

    Why would it not be good for matches?
  4. Anonymous

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    and I guess tactically it would be nice to have a long range rifle against the russians or terrorist or who ever decides to invade :)
  5. Anonymous

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    Check out the 700 vs. Is is the exact same rifle with a hunting stock. Just as accurate but less expensive.
  6. mountainview

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    If you are interested in the Rem rifle, go for it. I like Rem actions and have always had success with my 700 once I found the loads that it likes. Since money is tighter now, I purchased a Savage 10FV with the Accutrigger, it is a nice rig and I'd recommend it as another option to consider.
  7. boo

    boo Guest

    what kind of hunting will you do? still hunting ion mountains or out west where you will take a long shot?
    get the Remington LTR with 20" tube if you also want to shoot match or get a Remington 7400
  8. The_Cook

    The_Cook Guest

    Heya, I just purchased a Rem 700 SPS 20" 30-06 it's light, I've gone hiking with the thing on my back and haven't noticed it. I also us it for target practice. Yes the thinner barrel does heat quicker (4-5 shots before cigarette break) but at the same time it does cool down quick. I LOVE remington's recoil pad on the butt, it's like Dr. Schoel's for the shoulder.
  9. cheesehunter

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    Check out the Remington LTR .308:
    Caliber: 308 (7.62x51)
    Weight: 7½ lbs
    Barrel Length: 20"

    Of course, with that kind of money you can also buy a Kimber 84 Long Master in .308.
    The nice thing about the Rem is that there are many extra's available for it.