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I am looking for some information on a remington 742 semi-automatic rifle. Was told it was made after the war and was from the second batch. It has a medalion on it and on steel plate with remington engraved in it at the bottom of the butt.
Was wondering if it is a special edition and what it might be worth. Hope you can help.

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Here’s what I found in one of my gun books. Keep in mind the book is 15 years old.

REMINGTON Model 742: gas-operated semi-auto; 6mm Rem, 243 Win, 280 Rem, 308, 30/06; 4-rd. box magazine; 22” barrel; bead front sight on ramp, open rear; versions of 1960s had impressed checkering on stock, forearm; later versions, cut checkering. Introduced in 1960; dropped, 1980. Used value, $300 to $325.
Model 742 Carbine is same as standard model except 18 ½” barrel in 308, 30/06 only. Used value, $325 to $350.
Model 742 BDL is same a standard except in 308, 30/06 only; available in left hand models; Monte Carlo cheekpiece; black tip on forearm; basketweave checkering. Used value, $325 to $350.
REMINGTON Bicentennial Model 742: has the same specs as standard Model 742 Woodsmaster, except for Bicentennial commemorative inscription etched on receiver; different checkering pattern. Manufactured 1976 only. Used value, $550 to $600.
REMINGTON 150th Anniversary Model 742 ADL: 30/06 only. Stamp-engraved legend on left side of receiver; “ Remington Arms Company Inc., 1816-1966, 150th Anniversary” with corporate logo; 1000 made in 1966 only. Used value, $400 to $425.
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