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Remington C D L

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Has antone seen these guns yet?
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how funny u should ask I bought one off the rack yesterday in .270 after going through every bolt rifle they had ill see if i can post some pics. its super smooth and locks up beautifully nice finish and an awesome piece of wood I cant wait to find a scope for it so i can take it out and see how she performs

Hopefully they will come in left haznd so I can get one
Saw one a few weeks ago. The one I saw was very nice looking.

I may have to get one.
I saw it today :shock: ... let them make it in left hand and I'll snatch it up faster than you can blink 8)
I got to see and handle my first CDL ,I didn't like the caliber cause I got a 243,but the balance and pointability was super.And the reciever was so tight and smooth that I promished my self one day I will own a CDL but probely in 300win mag or mabe a short 300 mag.The lock up was as tight as a 1300.00 sako 75 and looked better.I want one.Drop-Shot
I'm not a big fan of Remington rifles but I do like the CDL, I might have to convert.
gwp4ever if you have not done so pick one up and throw down ,it's so balanced that I would like to hear reports of groups of different calibers,hey aaron didn't you say your 270 CDL shot 1 inch groups?They have to shoot great,they look so great.I once said that my next new gun was going to be a titka in300short win mag but after holding both I have been a convert to the CDL.One day,I don't know when but I will have one.Drop-Shot
To me its the best production 700 they have made so far...
I've seen a few on the shelves and like what a see very well.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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