Remington model 510 .22 cal. TargetMaster

Discussion in 'Rifle ID & Value' started by Anonymous, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

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    Can anybody advise the year of manufacture for my Remington Model 510 .22 cal. TargetMaster single shot? It's been in the family for approximately 40 years??? Also where can the serial # be located if it even has one.
  2. MarlandS

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    These models were mfg. 1939-62. There were no ser. nos. until 1954, approx. 545,000 were mfg

  3. Anonymous

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    I have two of them. I am looking for the same info. The only number I can find on one of the guns is AK 4. I know that they didn't serialize them but I wonder if that number could be used to tell the age ? My dad says that he thinks they bought them in 1941. All I know is that they are among the most accurate and consistant 22 rifles I have ever seen or heard of. I wish I had a dozen !!

  4. ken w.

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    Go over to and look in the Remington thread on the top there is a sticky with the codes and dates on them.
    These guns were very accurate rifles and are worth between $85.00-$200.00 in mint condition.I have seen very few with serial #'s on them,but when they do they are on the barrel in front of the stock just undernieth.Hope this helps. :wink: